Latest Restock: February 4th, 2024 at 7pm EST!
Latest Restock: February 4th, 2024 at 7pm EST!
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Aloe Frost is a one-person business.  I order the raw materials and supplies, design and produce every single piece by hand from beginning to end, manage social media, answer comments and messages, take photos and make listings, update the website, and pull and pack orders.  I love the challenge of juggling everything, but my time does get tight at times, and I may not be able to get back to everyone right away.  Hopefully the following will answer a lot of the questions you may have. 

How can I purchase your work?

Currently I sell online only through scheduled restocks on my website.  I try to have updates towards the end of every other month once I feel I have built up enough inventory with a good variety of colors, sizes, and designs.  Occasionally I also participate in local shows in eastern and central North Carolina.

I don't see anything in your Etsy shop or on your website, so how can I order?

Recently my updates have sold out very quickly, and I have not been able to keep a large inventory on hand at this time.  If you do not see an item in the shop, it is probably not available right now.  I usually try to include a few hundred pots in an update so there may be something you are interested in coming up soon! 

When is your next update?

I try to update every couple of months, but sometimes life gets in the way.  The best way to stay informed of what is going on in the studio is to sign up for my newsletters or follow me on Instagram (@aloe_frost) and pay attention to my posts and stories where I will announce the time and date of the next release.  I also try to add countdowns in my story highlights, which you can use to set notification reminders.

When will you have a pot I saw on Instagram again?

One of the things I am most proud of is the variety of pots I create, with differences in color, expression, size, and style meaning I can make thousands of pots without any repeats.  Unfortunately, this also means it is impossible to have every design in every color and size available at once.  I try my best to offer a variety with each update, but there are a lot of factors that influence what I make in a cycle, such as how much and what kinds of clay I have on hand in the studio, which pots are most popular, how much space I have in the kiln, how much time a particular design takes to make, and even my physical health as working on some pots can wear out my hands more than others.  Most designs are not one-offs and will be made again eventually.  Limited editions like my Halloween designs may only be available once a year.  Unfortunately I cannot do custom requests at this time

How much do your pots cost?

The majority of my pots run between $20-80, with free US shipping.  The average price is around $40-50.  I do post previews with prices and sizes in my Instagram stories before a restock.

What size are your pots?

I love making small pots!  Most of my pieces have less than a 3.5" diameter opening, although I occasionally make larger pieces around 4.5" in diameter, and rarely 6.5".  Smaller pieces make wonderful gifts, can easily be tucked into any room, and make great collections.  I try to include average dimensions in my listings as well as photos of pots in my hand for scale.

Do your pots have drainage holes?

All of my planters have drainage holes, unless otherwise noted.

Do you offer international shipping?

I do offer international shipping to Canada, Australia, and parts of Europe and Asia where demand has been highest.  The cost to ship to Canada starts around US$19 and elsewhere US$25.  Multiple items can be combined into the same box, and if they are lightweight, the cost may not change much at all.  If there are any overages I will refund them, but unfortunately, shipping from the US is expensive. I am currently working to bring lower prices for my international customers!

Do you take custom or pre-orders?

Unfortunately, I stay very busy in and out of the studio and cannot accept any special orders at this time.  I have tried in the past, but both custom and pre-orders are very stressful, can take a long time to fit into my production schedule, and ultimately result in my producing fewer pots than I would have otherwise.  As a one-person business, I can only produce a limited number of pots in a given time and do not wish to have a long waitlist and try to keep things fair to everyone.  

Do you accept returns?

In general, I do not accept returns, although this may depend on the circumstances.  Ceramics are fragile and need to be packed carefully to make it through the postal system.  On top of that, shipping costs can be high which means returns just are not very practical.  If you do have any concerns about your order or are not completely satisfied, please let me know as I want you to be happy!  If you place an order and change your mind before it has been shipped, I can cancel it and give a refund, but I try to ship out packages within a few business days depending on the number of orders I have.

What do I do if my order is damaged during shipment?

I have shipped thousands of pots and only a dozen or so have arrived broken.  If you do open up your package only to find a damaged pot, please let me know as soon as possible and include photos of the box and item.  I can offer either a refund or a replacement with a similar piece.  If you would like a replacement, be aware that it may take up to a few weeks to produce depending on my current production schedule and inventory.

Do you offer wholesale?

Unfortunately, I am no longer able to offer wholesale at this time, but I am working on plans to potentially offer it again in the future!

I saw a pot that looked like yours elsewhere, is it an authorized piece?

Some of my designs have been copied without my permission and mass-produced.  Unfortunately I do not receive any compensation for them.  All official Aloe Frost pieces (except for the smallest pots) are signed with my initials and are completely handmade and therefore unique, so if you see a bunch of identical pots at a garden center or chain store, they are not mine.  I am very grateful for everyone who supports independent artists!