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Latest Restock: February 4th, 2024 at 7pm EST!
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Pottery is an addictive endeavor, but it is a labor-intensive one too!

I currently use around a dozen different base clay bodies to achieve the various colors in my work, which consists primarily of unglazed stoneware in a range of earth tones.  The clay is wedged (like kneading dough) to remove air pockets and improve consistency, and then weighed out and rolled into balls, some as small as one ounce.  Almost every piece I make is first thrown on the potter's wheel and left to dry until it is ready to be altered, sculpted, and carved to develop its own personality.  Depending on the design, this can be quite a long process, especially if I am using multiple colors in one piece. 

When I have enough ready, the kiln is loaded and fired to around 2200ºF, chemically converting the clay to ceramic.  Even at full production, depending on the weather and the size and type of pots I am working on, it can take up to a couple of weeks to go from raw material to finished product.